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  1. Assess the organizations interested in excellence and not participating in the King Abdullah II Awards for Excellence:

    1.1  Institutional Self-assessment: A comprehensive, systematic and regular view of an organization's activities and results using the EFQM Excellence Model.

    Institutional Self-Assessment enables organizations to start their journey towards excellence. In addition to the fact that the self-assessment is a tool for measuring continuous improvement, it is an opportunity to integrate the institutional excellence in the institution daily work and activities and to identify the obstacles that prevent it from achieving its objectives. By going through the Self-Assessment process the organization can measure its current performance and its strength and areas of improvement and receive useful information and clear answers about the organizations performance against the excellence model.

    Self-assessment is considered as a key factor to success. By undertaking the self-assessment institutions can assess their performance based on international standards that provides them with local, regional and international recognition; also institutions can benchmark/compare their performance against local and international institutions.

    1.2  Assess the organizations participating in the international Awards such as recognition schemes provided by the EFQM like “Committed to Excellence” and “Recognized for Excellence”.

  2. Conduct training and professional development in various fields of excellence, quality and management.

  3. Provide consultancy services and establishing and managing excellence awards and centers, inside and outside Jordan.