Amman-  22/12/2009

HRH Prince Feisal Bin Al Hussein, the Regent, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of King Abdullah II Center for Excellence (KACE) headed the Board meeting on Tuesday to highlight the KACE’s activities and achievements. HRH underlined the need to raise awareness about the King Abdullah II Award for Excellence in Government Performance and Transparency among ministries and public institutions, HRH also stressed the importance of the Award in enhancing public sector performance and improving the quality of services provided to citizens.

 H. E. Dr. Fayez Al Tarawneh, the Chairman Deputy declared that the work of KACE and the Ministry of Public Sector Development are complementary where the output of the assessment process conducted by KACE is an essential input to the development programs prepared by the Ministry.

 The Executive Director of KACE Mrs. Yasera Ghosheh presented the achievements of KACE and a summary of the new courses, she explained that KACE is preparing to apply for the second phase "Recognized for Excellence", the second stage of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) excellence award. She added that KACE's staff capabilities will be upgraded by participating in the 2010 new EFQM model training courses.  

 In addition, the new amendments done on the criteria were presented and the new eligible participants from the public sector were determined. The Board also suggested the launch of the new cycle of the awards to take place in January 2010.

 KACE was founded in January 2006 according to Bylaw Number (6) of the Year 2006, supervised under HRH Prince Feisal Bin Al-Hussein as the Chairman of KACE’s Board of Trustees. KACE manages the ‘King Abdullah II Award for Excellence’, which is considered the most prestigious award for excellence on the national level and in all sectors. KACE is considered the national reference for quality and excellence in all sectors. It's role to promote the culture of excellence in all sectors in order to increase Jordan’s international competitiveness with the ultimate goal of ensuring a prosperous future for Jordan.