King Abdullah II Center for Excellence launched the new cycle of King Abdullah II Awards for Excellence in all sectors: Public, Private, and Business Associations and Not-for-Profit Organizations after the completion of reviewing and developing the Awards criteria and assessment process.

Furthermore the new cycle of the sub-awards of the Public Sector: Excellence in Public Service Award and Innovation in Public Sector Award, in addition to the sub-awards of Private Sector: Environmental Sustainability Award and Jordan Exporter Award will be launched in 2018.

This Awards cycle comes with some updates:


1. Transition to E-government Award

As part of His Majesty King Abdullah II vision to apply the Paperless Government, KACE has launched the Transition to E-government Award.

This award aims to: Transform into electronic transactions and services, acceleration of applying the modern technologies to facilitate transactions and motivate government institutions to do their utmost and harness their various potentials in order to upgrade their electronic services.


2. Distinguished Secretary General / Director General Award

The Center has also launched a new category within the King Abdullah II Award for Excellence in Government Performance and Transparency/ Distinguished Government Employee, which is the Secretary General / Director General category in addition to the three existing categories: Distinguished Leading/ Supervising Employee,Distinguished Administrative/ Technical Employee and Distinguished Supportive Employee.

As this category is the most stable position in the leadership level in addition to the nature of its work in managing the administrative and technical operations thus reflect the excellence and its requirements within these processes and approved systems.


3. Award Criteria Development

The Center has developed and improved the criteria of the King Abdullah II Award for Excellence in Government Performance and Transparency in line with best practices and global trends.

 The King Abdullah II Award for Excellence in Government Performance criteria for this cycle include the concept of gender) in cooperation with TAKAMOL program/USAID) and ensures applying the right of access to information (in cooperation with the center for defending freedom of journalists) as well as including the Jordan 2025 vision and the manuals prepared by the Ministry of Public Sector Development.


4. Development of the Assessment Mechanism/ Process (Enablers and Results Matrix)

On the other hand, the Center has developed the assessment mechanism/ process, this cycle the assessment process will be carried out by relying on the Enablers and Results Matrix eliminating the existence of the submission report in its traditional form.

Which will minimize the waste of money, effort and time to prepare the submission report as well as ensuring that the assessors will have integral understanding by smooth transition from the enablers to the results.


5. Development of the Mystery Shopper's Mechanism

As part of the development of the assessment process, the Center will develop the mystery shopper's mechanism so as to ensure the continuity of the surveys to be for two years instead of one year in order to cover the period between two successive cycles of the award.


6. Provide Information Sources to Provide Benchmarking Requirements

 The Center will provide sources of information that will assist institutions in performing regional and international benchmarking exercises to highlight the best practice and world-class performers in different sectors, also to share and transfer knowledge among government entities within the same  sector in particular, as well as with all Governmental entities in general. Which will facilitate the institutions task to arranging benchmarking visits through the supportive bodies or in coordination with Arab and international parties for this purpose.


7. Development of the Assessor Relationship Management Program

As the center is eager to develop its relationship with the Assessors, it has developed the assessor relationship management program, this project will design and build “Assessors Platform” that will specify and identify the assessment and quality experts also to build an information bank about them that includes all aspects required by KACE.


8. Jordan Excellence Acceleration Program

KACE developed a set of Initiatives, projects and activities that are gathered under an umbrella of a program entitled “Jordan Excellence Acceleration Program” to accelerate excellence performance in Jordanian public institutions. The designed program will provide technical assistance and support along with material help to achieve its objectives. The initiatives are:

  1. Three-Dimensional Capacity Building in Excellence
  2. Excellence Day
  3. Enhancing the Innovation Culture in the Public Sector
  4. “Towards World-Class Excellence” Forum
  5. “Sharing Us Your Strategy” Initiative
  6. Introduce “Transparency Award”
  7. “Shared National Goals Accountability Matrix Exercise”
  8. A Paradigm Shift for Award Criteria – New Design and Content
  9. Benchmarking Services
  10. Assessors’ Relationship Management Program
  11. Continuous Act of Mystery Shopper


King Abdullah II Center for Excellence was founded in in 2006, under the chairmanship of His Royal Highness Prince Faisal Bin Al Hussein, running the King Abdullah II Awards for Excellence, which is the most prestigious award for excellence at the national level in all sectors. King Abdullah II Center for Excellence aims to spread the culture of excellence in Jordan and the region through the development of excellence models/frameworks and assessment criteria based on international best practices, assessment of the institutions  performance and  running  King Abdullah II Awards for Excellence to promote the culture of excellence in all sectors.