King Abdullah II Center for Excellence begins Excellence in Public Service Award assessments



Amman, (May 2015) King Abdullah II Center for Excellence began the assessment  process of Excellence in Public Service  Award at its third cycle  (2014/2015), with the participation of 14 institutions, and 46 branches.

Excellence in Public Service  Award includes ministries and government institutions that deal directly with the service recipients (individuals or institutions) in all their participating branches. The ministries / institutions will gradually be integrated until all those who deal directly with service recipients and their branches are included.

The Award aims at building, supporting, and disseminating the culture of Excellence in  Public  Service Award. It also encourages the involvement of relevant groups of employees and recipients of service in identifying their needs and requirements relating to the services provided, and building a framework of action to improve the level of services and the process of submission and improving the mechanisms and means of providing such services in ministries and government institutions. The Award also aims at the development of mechanisms and systems to deal with "service recipient’s voice" such as dealing with the service recipients’ complaints and suggestions and measuring the degree of satisfaction with the services, determining their needs, and activating and improving the means of communication with the recipients of the service.

Excellence in Public Service  Award is based on specific criteria, including the service provided, the system dealing with "service recipient’s voice ", and communication with service recipients, and the final results of the service. Bearing in mind that the final result for each ministry / institution relies on three integrated components which are as follows: 30 % of the assessment process (submission and field visit reports), 35% for the mystery shopper satisfaction, and 35% for the customer satisfaction.

The ministries, institutions, and the branches participating for the first time submitted their participation reports to King Abdullah II Center for Excellence, while those who had prior participation more than once submitted the approved improvement plan and then a copy of the plan achievement report after it is finished and updated. Throughout the Award cycle, the participating institutions and their branches are regularly subject to both field visits by the mystery shopper and customer satisfaction surveys.