KAAPS - Private Sector



♦ The Award Objectives

The King Abdullah II Award for Excellence for the private sector was established in 1999 as the highest level of quality and excellence recognition in Jordan.It aims at enhancing the competitiveness of Jordanian businesses by promoting quality awareness and performance excellence, as well as recognizing quality and business achievements of Jordanian organizations.The Award also aims at sharing the experiences and success stories of participating organizations.


♦ The Award Categories

The Award is granted to one or more winning organizations in each of the following categories:

  • Large manufacturing organizations or their sub-units (number of workers 250 or more and registered capital of JOD 30,000 or more).
  • Large service organizations or their sub-units (number of workers 250 or more and registered capital of JOD 30,000 or more).
  • Small and medium size manufacturing organizations (number of workers 249 or less and registered capital of JOD 30,000 or less).
  • Small and medium size service organizations (number of workers 249 or less and registered capital of JOD 30,000 or less).
  • Agriculture and agricultural marketing organizations.
  • The winning organization for two cycles or more.
  • Jordanian Exporter Award
  • Environmental Sustainability Award

* A new category will be introduced in case ten (10) companies at least from the same business participate in the Award. Example: (Architecture, Hospitals, Banks, Information Technology Companies,…etc).,


♦ Participation Requirements

The organizations willing to participate in the Award must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Registered at the Ministry of Trade and Industry as a Jordanian entity.
  2. Have sustained and proved operations over at least the two previous years.
  3. Have sustained good financial performance.


♦ The following organizations are excluded from participating in the Award:

  1. Tobacco and alcohol companies.
  2. Organizations working in the field of military equipment and products.
  3. Charitable, religious and non-for profit organizations.


♦ Participation Mechanizm

 The organization willing to participate in the King Abdullah II Award for Excellence for Private Sector must fill out and submit the participation form electronically and the attached documents, as per the requirements below:

  1. Fill out the electronicparticipation form. .
  2. Attach a chart or diagram that clarifies the organizational structure.
  3. If the applying organization is part of a larger organization, an organizational chart must be attached to clarify the relationship of the sub-unit with the parent organization.
  4. Attach a copy of the organization’s registration certificate.
  5. Summary of the main financial statements (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement) for the last three years. 
  6. Participation fees to be paid after receiving the acceptance of participation letter from the Center. 
  7. The organization starts preparing the participation report to submit it with the required documents to the Center according to the deadline. 


♦ Participation fees



Fees JOD

Large Manufacturing Organizations or their sub-units


Large Service Organizations or their sub-units


Small and Medium Size Manufacturing Organizations


Small and Medium Size Service Organizations


Agriculture and Agricultural Marketing Organizations


Award Winning organizations for Two Cycles or More


Jordanian Exporter Award           


Environmental Sustainability Award   



















♦  Motivations to Participate in the Award

  • Participating in the Award helps the organization to measure its performance according to the Award Criteria.
  • Adopting the excellence criteria and the International best practice, helps in developing the internal systems and in the self assessment process which aims to determining the strengths and areas for improvement for the organization. 
  • Inspiring and motivating employees to exert their efforts and exploit their full potential to achieve the Award.
  • Showing the best achievements thus Improving the reputation of the organization in front of the customers and stakeholders.
  • Strengthening the brand of the organization and its market value. 
  • Obtaining an assessment report about its performance including the most important strengths and areas for improvement which helps the organization in adopting the Award criteria in the examination and development of its systems and performance.
  • In each Award category, there is only one winning organization that receives the Award, while the competitors who do not achieve the Award receive the “Seal of Excellence”.

* King Abdullah II Center for Excellence honors the right of the organizations not willing to declare their participation in the Award in case of not achieving the Award.



♦ Achieving the Award Rewards

  1. Winning the King Abdullah II Award for Excellence for Private Sector is considered a major achievement for the winning organization, and a recognition of its effective and efficient performance, in addition to considering the winning organization as a role model.
  2. The Awards are presented at a big ceremony held under the Royal Patronage, where the winning organizations receive a certificate of appreciation, and the trophy of the King Abdullah II Award for Excellence for Private Sector, which is considered an incentive and an honor for the winning organization.
  3. The winning organization may use the Award’s logo – set by the Center – on its publications, documents, and websites and media campaigns till the announcement of the next cycle's result. 
  4. The King Abdullah II Center for Excellence publishes the success stories of the winning organization on the websites of both the Center and the Award with the aim of sharing the winning organizations' knowledge, promoting the Award’s benefits and publicizing their achievement.
  5. The winning organizations present their success stories and share them with other organizations through the Award related training courses, awareness sessions, and relevant conferences. The winning organization may also preserve the confidentiality of information they do not want to publicize.
  6. The winning organization receives differential treatment from the Jordan Institution of Standards and Metrology, Jordan Customs Department, Jordan Enterprise (JEDCO), Government Tenders Directorate, General Supplies Department and Royal Jordanian, summarized as follows:


A. Jordan Institution of Standards and Metrology  

  • Shortening the process of granting the Jordanian Quality Mark to the winning organization’s products, so that a product is checked only against the Quality Mark requirements for products and shortening the auditing process of quality systems.
  • Speeding the process of granting compliance certificates to the winning organization’s products to be exported.
  • Placing the winning organization on the Golden List of Jordanian companies, consequently lessening the number of inspections conducted on sites as part of the regular inspection process carried out on factories.
  • Placing the winning organization on the list of suppliers approved by the Jordan Institution of Standards and Metrology (services and products) and granting it differential treatment by the Institutions’ tenders and purchases committees when their products are compliant with the required standards.
  • Considering the winning organization a main partner of the Jordan Institution of Standards and Metrology and granting it the advantage of participating in all its activities and technical committees, as well as involving it in policy-making and procedures pertinent to the Institution’s work.
  • Awarding the winning industrial organization the advantage of participating in international technical standards committees under the umbrella of the Institution.
  • Giving the winning organization priority when requesting calibrations for measurement equipment in their sites and speeding these processes.
  • Directly informing the winning organization of developments and amendments that occur to instructions, standards, technical principles and procedures related to the nature of its products and services.
  • Communicating with similar organizations in Arab and foreign countries, with which the Institution of Standards and Metrology had signed cooperation agreements and memorandums of understanding, to grant the winning organization differential treatment as its products enter those countries.
  • Considering the winning organization’s imports as Green Line items within the risk based inspection instructions.


B. Jordan Customs Department 

  • Adding the winning organization to the Golden List provided that the organization complies with standards adopted by the Jordan Customs Department.
  • Increasing the winning organization chances of securing the Green Line or Yellow Line at all Customs centers provided that the organization complies with standards adopted by the Jordan Customs Department.
  • Inviting the winning organizations in the sixth cycle and the coming cycles to join the Golden List Program, which is applied at the Department, to benefit from the facilities given to the companies listed in the Golden List Program according to the criteria and standards of Jordan Customs Department.


C. Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation (JEDCO) 

  • Giving an additional 35% discount of participation fees to be paid by the winning organization in exhibitions and promotional activities organized by JEDCO outside Jordan, given that these exhibitions are 70% supported by JEDCO.
  • Giving a 25% discount of participation fees in seminars and workshops. 



D. Government Tenders Department 

  • Granting engineering offices the winning organization (5) additional points to the technical assessment of tenders they participate in valid for one cycle from the date of winning it.


E. General Supplies Department

  • In tenders' evaluated based on marks, the bidder who wins the Award gets five additional marks to the total marks deserved as a result of the technical evaluation. To get this benefit "the Award winning bidder has to submit a certificate proving receiving the Award and to be valid when displayed"



F. Royal Jordanian 

  • The Royal Jordanian grants each company that wins the King Abdullah II Award for Excellence for Private Sector in its category two free two-way tickets (on economy class), used for business purposes to any country in the world within RJ destinations.



G. Companies Control Department

  • Provides VIP service to the winning organizations when they visit the Department to get any service, where the service will be provided immediately and in a private office.
  • Provide awareness lectures to the head of winning organizations about companies' law and the working procedures by specialized experts in the Department. 
  • Provide consultancy for the winning organizations about the Department's website to get the maximum benefit possible


For more details: http://www.kaaps.jo